Financial Grant Programs We Offer

Mesa Grant
  • For cats with kidney disease 
  • Cats must be diagnosed with kidney disease by a veterinarian to qualify
  • Grant funds can be applied towards veterinary treatment or diagnostics relating to kidney disease including: physical exams, prescription medication and food, blood work, fluid therapy and supplies, kidney biopsies and surgery

Stripes Grant
  • For cats with thyroid disease or cardiac conditions including: cardiomyopathy, heart murmurs, blood clots and other cardiac ailments
  • Grant funds can be applied toward veterinary treatment of diagnostics for either condition including: exams, cardiac ultrasounds, surgery, radioiodine treatment, blood pressure monitoring and prescription foods and medications

Gillie Grant
  • For cats with neurological conditions or mobility impairments such as Cerebellar hypoplasia, paraplegia, and limb malformations
  • Grant application determined on a case by case basis

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